Employee Perks - Will Your Boss Pay for Your Wedding?

Wedding Party

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog called Wedding Traditions Unveiled about who traditionally pays for the wedding. Many couples split the cost of their wedding without much financial support, if any, from their parents or family members. If you've been pricing out venues, caterers, florists, wedding cakes and the other must have necessities, you've probably realized that the Big Day comes with a BIG price tag. 

But, what if your boss paid for your wedding? Sounds crazy right? "That is exactly what Boxed CEO Chieh Huang did, when he surprised employee Marcel Graham and his fiancee, Tara Aucoin, with the news that the company would spring for their wedding." (Huffington Post)

Marcel spent his savings on his mother's medical bills, leaving little money to pay for their wedding. Most employees consider the common company benefits when job searching, like the standard medical, dental and vision insurance, 401K or a retirement plan, Aflac, PTO and tuition reimbursement, to name a few.

According to Huang, paying for his employee's wedding is another perk that will keep his employees engaged and productive (I promise, the pun was not intended). No, not every employee will have a company sponsored wedding. But Huang understands the value of creating a culture of caring and support for his team. When he saw a need, he went above and beyond, a character trait that he values in his employees too. 

Would your boss pay for your wedding? If you're the boss, your comments are welcomed too!