Reasons Why Boston is the Perfect Place to Get Married

Boston is a wonderful, well-loved city. You could ask 20 different people walking down the street what the best thing about the city is and get 20 different answers. And they would all be right. But one thing we love about this city is that it lends the perfect backdrop to a wedding. Here are 5 reasons why Boston is the perfect place to get married:

Bride ans Groom married next to Swan boats in the Boston Common.

#1 There are tons of non-traditional, gorgeous venues to hold the event. Boston is home to some beautiful architecture, and breathtaking landscapes. You can host a wedding at the Boston Public Library, a beautiful high rise hotel, the Boston Common in front of the swan boats, or somewhere cultural or educational like the stunning Institute of Contemporary Art or the Aquarium.

#2 You can find super unique food options for the reception. You can find a restaurant in this city that makes food from any culture or country around the world, or you can have a professional chef come prepare food for a small reception in your own home, or you can arrange a food truck to pull up right to your venue. With all these choices you can have a meal completely unique to your wedding, and customize it to your exact needs and personality.

#3 Your friends will enjoy the chance to visit the city. Boston is a destination in its own right, and a place that people love to visit for vacations. Your friends will be glad they get to watch your nuptials in this historic and interesting city rather than have to spend their vacation days traveling to New Jersey again.

#4 It’s beautiful all year round. Whether you want to have your wedding in summer, winter, fall or spring, you will have a beautiful backdrop to your wedding. You can take outdoor pictures and get beautiful white snow dusting the buildings, crisp bright leaves on the sidewalk, fresh cherry blossoms on the trees, or swan boats on sparkling water in the background, depending on the season.

#5 You have options for the after-after party. Certain venues only let you party till 11PM, but there are options for continuing the party if you know where to look. In Boston we know how to party, and your wedding can last long into the night in this city, if that’s your style. Boston-Events can help you organize the after party so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We can help make sure every aspect of your Boston wedding from beginning to the after-after party will be absolutely perfect.

If you want help in order to make sure your Boston wedding will be perfect, contact We will work with you to create the completely customized wedding of your dreams.