Carrie Nation: The Perfect Rehearsal Dinner Venue

Your rehearsal dinner is one of the most important meals you will ever plan. It sets the tone for your wedding, takes place the night before the biggest day of your life, and is often the first time all the members of both sides of your new family gather together for a meal. You need a space that’s perfect for such an occasion - a place with delicious food, wonderful ambiance, and gorgeous decor. Enter, Carrie Nation.

Located in Beacon Hill, this restaurant and cocktail club reminiscent of the prohibition era oozes opulence and class, and checks all the boxes. With four different and unique event options, along with personalized menus, Carrie Nation offers the opportunity to customize your rehearsal dinner to your exact wishes. Choose from the Chef's Table, the Trimountaine Room, the Beacon Room, or The Speakeasy, depending on the number of guests in your party, and the exact vibe you’re going for.

Photos of the interior of Carrie Nation

Named after a radical member of the pre-prohibition temperance movement (who was known for attacking taverns with a hatchet), Carrie Nation proves to be exactly what its namesake was fighting against. An extensive selection of cocktails and upscale food are the perfect combination for a winning evening in any one of the gorgeous settings Carrie Nation offers for your event. There is no other venue in all of Boston that offers a similar experience when it comes to the history, atmosphere, and quality dining that Carrie Nation does.

For a truly unforgettable night that your family and friends will remember long after the wedding is over, throw your rehearsal dinner in downtown Boston at Carrie Nation. When you book this beautiful space, with professional staff to run the event and a delicious menu, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to worry about a single detail. So you can just sit back, relax, and let your family celebrate you the night before your wedding.

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Photo of a cocktail at Carrie Nation in Boston, MA